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Our fundamental analyzes since early 2009

The main analyzes since early 2009 have been rather validated by the facts :

- Global economic recovery in 2009
- Outperformance of the U.S. over Europe (since 2009)
- Ability of the United States to generate about 2% annual GDP growth
- Recession in the euro zone (Autumn 2011)
- Absence of implosion of the euro zone (despite many governance failures repeatedly underlined)
- The scenario "long stagnation" in the euro zone
- Continuation of French decadence
- Chinese structural slowdown
- Ability of OMT (Outright Monetary Transactions) to reduce the European Systemic Risk (Summer 2012)
- Absence of inflation risk despite the extraordinary swelling of central bank balance sheets in the rich world
- Survival of the bubble economy


One regret however :

- We slightly overestimated the potential of Brazilian and Indian economies

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