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Macroeconomic analysis (CATALLAXIS)

The "Catallaxis" * service provides managers with our detailed and practical economic view to assist them in their decision-making. 

"Economic Scenario - environment and themes" is a monthly report on economic developments in the world's major regions that provides a more structural analysis illuminating current trends. It also presents the conclusions of the various economic scenarios of major economic research firms worldwide, as published monthly by the "Consensus Forecast", and provides a critical analysis of them.


* Catallaxis refers to the work of Nobel Laureate Friedich A.HAYEK: "The best way to understand how the operation of the market system leads not only to the creation of an order but also to a great increase of the returns which men receive from their efforts, is to think of it as a game which we may now call the game of catallaxy (...) It is a wealth-creating game because it gives each player information (…) the existence of which would remain unknown if the game did not exist.

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